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Make your love known with the Matching Rings

Are you familiar with the promise rings? The ring symbolizes the affection two people share for one another and the connection they have in common. Different from the wedding or engagement rings, it can signify an important moment in the relationship between two people. It is an intimate and personal remembrance of a friendship or a romance full of promise. You don't need to wait until an occasion special to gift it to someone who means a lot to you. Learn about the people you can gift an engagement ring to and how to choose one.

What is a promise ring?

The promise ring contains many meanings. We give them to the special people who have shaped our lives in one way or another: spouse, family, very close friends. They symbolize the commitment between two people that envision the future together. This is why they are often referred to as "pre-engagement rings". If you choose to wear the ring the same time as your loved one, you can discuss "couple (or friendship rings). This simple ring will fill your loved one with lovely emotions. You can gift this beautiful and unique piece of jewelry to anyone you cherish even if you're engaged or married: family members, a brother, a sister or a child friend...

Who should you promise a rings to and when?

Both men and women receive promise rings at special occasions in their relationship. They are the unique markers that mark a new stage in your relationship or an event that is unique or a time with your loved ones: a birthday or vacation, or a challenge that you have overcome together. A promise ring is an original method to show your love to your loved one following an event that was difficult. This timeless ritual will strengthen your union. The promise ring you give on the occasion of a baby's birth is a delicate expression of love and dedication to one another. It is a sign of a deep connection between a couple who just started a family without vowing engagement or marriage.

What are the proper ways to wear this kind of ring?

This piece of jewelry is able to be worn all day long. There's no strict usage for it: any finger can be used to receive your promise ring, however many people choose to wear it like the wedding ring, on their left finger of the ring. You can wear it around your neck or on your middle finger. The most important aspect is to be at ease. Wear it on the same finger as your partner in order to create harmony.

Choosing your promise ring

Choose the promise ring you will give very carefully. Begin by learning about the preferences of the recipient. The promise ring can be a reflection of her style and taste but it's not mandatory.

The design of a promise ring generally thinner and more discreet than that of an engagement wedding ring or ring. The quality must be there. For women, choose silver or gold with an accent precious stone.

The traditional promise ring can be simple and elegant. It is often made from gold or silver and symbolizes a long-lasting and precious bond of love. If you'd like to personalize the ring with a special message, consider choosing one that has been embossed.

The promise ring with stones is a fantastic option for those who enjoy extravagant jewelry. Take note of the significance of each stone: lapis-lazuli is a symbol of friendship and romance, rose quartz represents tenderness and a love for your mother the ruby symbolises love...

Simple rings made of precious metals signify purity of love. The rings are subtle and elegant when worn by both men and women.


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