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Is Quicken For Mac 2017 Subscription Only

AppleInsider said: Quicken on Monday released the 2018 Mac edition of its personal finance software, making upgrades in areas like bill payments and investments, but primarily transitioning to a subscription-only model with Starter, Deluxe, and Premier packages.And with that... I am now officially an ex-Quicken user. Quicken on the Mac was a disaster when I last used it. It's one of the primary reasons I still run Windows on my Mac. Quicken 2016 and Quicken 2017 left my online banking interface inoperable so I do all my reconciliations manually, and don't even bother updating my investment accounts.

Is Quicken For Mac 2017 Subscription Only

In a modern software subscription plan, as with Microsoft's Office 365 or Adobe's Creative Cloud, you only have rights to use the software while your subscription is active. Stop subscribing, and you can't use the apps any more. (Though I believe Office will run in view-only mode.)

Eager to read your research on a Quicken 2007 replacement. I've searched for years after a forced "upgrade" from Quicken 2005, which I stuck with for ten years. Converting my huge data file from '05 to '07 (which was required before going to '11) resulted in massive corruption, with duplicate and dropped transactions. So many functions are missing or awkward in these later versions. I won't consider a web app, don't want mobile, and hate the idea of subscription. So far, as far as I know, imperfect Quicken is the only option. I hope you've discovered an alternative!

I moved from Quicken 2007 to Quicken 2017 and was so disappointed, that after 18 months using it, I'm in the process of moving data back to quicken 2007. It had so many reports and other functions they simply did not bring to '17 -- I can't pull simple information for my CPA based on category reports, that show a total spend by category. I was printing out the report and adding the numbers up with a calculator!!!! And then I find the numbers are not even correct -- if an item was part of a VISA bill, it brought the entire VISA amount onto the report (not the categorized item). also gone -- QuickReport. Clearly the folks who did it just scraped the surface and did a very light version. Also annyoying, they try to sell you something every time you open the file. With NO WAY to turn it off.

The only drawback I can see with the subscription ending is that I will no longer be able to download my entries from my financial institution. I use this feature twice a week. I am currently using Quicken Deluxe 2017 and I will probably put off as long as possible buying a "subscription" Quicken. And yes, I do have an advertisement that shows up every time I open Quicken even though I have checked/unchecked the Remind Me Later box.

i have used quicken for many years; now on q 16. i will not go to subscription svc. i do not want my info stored outside my pc. i found that my two brokers (Schwab and TRPrice) have reports that give me all i need. Goodby Q in 19. floyd w

I purchased the 2018 Quicken for Home and Business in Jan of 2018, but in mid Jan my "subscription" ran out. I can no longer enter data(quickly or accurately) because they added a Pane about 2" wide on the right asking to renew my subscription (as well as a banner at the top). It squeezes the data space on the main part of the screen so that most columns are only 3 characters wide! I contacted customer service and they state that the advertisement pane CANNOT be removed!! They have "'handicapped" the program so that it is very difficult to enter new data quickly or accurately. I did not use the Download Date function. I will have to re-enter Jan and Feb in my old version and then see if access to my 2018 year of data remains available. Any other Programs available?

I've used Quicken (Mac) since 1995 and have stuck with 2007 because 2017 looked like Quicken Essentials. The old Quickens used to ask what type of account register you wanted and then they'd start one that had exactly what you needed. The registers had different colors depending on the account type: credit card, bank, investment, loan. The best part was that the people who wrote the software actually understood mutual fund investments. The action column had buy, sell, long term gain etc. There was a sharesin/cashout column and a sharesout/cashin column. There was a shareprice/commission column. These 3 columns were all interdependent and came up with a sharebalance. There isn't one other financial software that's so comprehensive in this regard. Most have a stupid cash balance column, which may be fine if you have a brokerage account. But a mutual fund account is for buying shares of mutual funds, and the cash balance should be zero. You want to reconcile the number of shares on the Quicken register with what the mutual fund company says you have. So, long story ... Are quicken 2018 registers as rational as Quicken 2007 registers? Also, can you still do a quick report for one category?

Just got off the phone with Quicken, as my subscription expired this month. The truth is that this new business model is different, yet more software companies are starting to use it or similar. I have been a Quicken user since 1991 back when it was a DOS program. The only drawback to using the software is that you will have a banner across the top of the screen indicating your membership has expired. Also on the right side of the screen you will have under a Tips and Tutorial the same membership expired and a renewal button. All of the rest of the functions seen to work fine with no online access. This does not bother me other than the fact I have less real-estate to display my data.

So you can keep using it, albeit with a banner above, if you don't pay to maintain the subscription. That was the entire point of this blog post, to talk about the "non-subscription subscription." Contrast this with Adobe (apps don't work at all) or Microsoft Office (functions as a viewer only) and it's definitely not a normal subscription.

Also be aware that if you do let your subscription expire, Quicken will now hijack about 25% of your screen real-estate for advertising (not applicable to QM2017 and older). Quicken has determined that this is the price to pay if you let your subscription expire! If you disagree with this business decision, you can add your VOTE to: Quicken Inc should eliminate or at least minimize the LARGE Advertising space used when a subscription expires -inc-should-eliminate-or-minimize-the-large-popup-with-expiration-101-legacy-votes/p1

I have used Quicken since 1995. A couple years ago I had 2015 and found out they didn't support the sync after 3 yrs and so I looked around and did not want to do the subscription so I bought 2017 and am now coming up on that decision again in 2020. The Quicken subscription "deals" look OK but expire after the two years. I was interested in the bill pay being included but then found out it was only "free" in the Premium and above and I only need Deluxe. My question is that I understand after the expiration that the sync no longer works but does the direct download from the bank or CC no longer work either? If the financial institution (FI) allows a download to a .qfx file (an executable file) that when opened downloads to quicken. Technically it is not syncing to the bank. Will that no longer work in 2017? I can get by the bill pay and go to the bank bill pay function but not having the download would be extremely time consuming. Dave

ALL online functionality stops when support for a version expires. For Quicken 2017, support expires Apr 2020. For Quicken subscription, it expires based on your date of activation and the length of membership you purchased.

I have been a Quicken user for many years and have upgraded periodically, but I too had the same ethical and practical issues with a subscription - i like to own, not rent. My last version of Quicken was 2015, but I was only able to get a digital download when I bought it. Now that I have a new computer, I can't get the 2015 download, hence my search that led me to this forum.

2 points to be aware of - QIF import only works with Quicken for Windows. There is no longer any QIF import functionality in the Mac version - propersoft software are good alternatives, as are others like it. That said, be aware of what Quicken has down with QIF imports, as I pointed out in my earlier post here: -2018s-subscription-isnt-really-a-subscription/#comment-15403 . They are not handled like they used to be. :-\

Yes, standard 3.5 yrs expiration of non-subscription versions after initial release of that year's version (see Quicken's expiration policy that has been in place for well over 10 yrs for the Windows version but only applied to Mac version since 2015: -discontinuation-policy)

I have quicken 2017 which is the last version before they went to a supposed subscription model. I choose not to purchase their subscription. I accept that I can no longer directly download from financial institutions, but I can no longer manually import into it either. The latest update blocks it and pops up a message forcing me to upgrade and "buy" their subscription. The version I bought is supposed to be a perpetual license and they are screwing individuals.

The Quicken Home & Business subscription allows you to run your personal and business transactions within the same software. However, Quicken H&B is not as nearly business feature-rich as Quickbooks. Quicken for Mac is still missing the H&B option. You can only get it in Quicken for Windows.

Quicken moved to a subscription-based pricing model in 2017. Unlike many other subscription services, Quicken's software is not purely cloud-based. It is desktop, mobile, and cloud-lite. Desktop software still needs to be installed to use all of Quicken's features.

But if you're willing to give another brand a try, you may want to consider Moneydance. Moneydance offers a well-designed and fully-featured Mac version in addition to its Windows and Linux options. Plus, you only pay for the software once instead of having to renew a subscription each year. Learn more in our Moneydance review.


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