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Some gay men, or men who have sex with men (MSM) in general, prefer to engage in frot or other forms of mutual masturbation because they find it more pleasurable or more affectionate than anal sex, to preserve technical virginity, or as safe sex alternatives to anal penetration.[1][10][11][12] This preference has led to some debate in the gay male and MSM community regarding what constitutes "real sex" or the most sensual expression of sexual intimacy. Some frot advocates consider "two genitals coming together by mingling, caressing, sliding" and rubbing to be sex more than other forms of male sexual activity.[2][13] Other men who have sex with men associate male masculinity with the sexual positions of "tops" and "bottoms" during anal sex.[14]

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Yes, this is Truth in Television. Via Loophole Abuse and Exact Words, people from conservative settings (cultural or familial) can maintain their virginity, while still engaging in "harmless exploration" or sexual bonding, by simply doing everything but penis-in-vagina intercourse. This of course can lead to some terrible decisions, such as engaging in some unprotected oral or anal sex in an attempt to retain one's purity, even though this still carries a risk of STD transmission. This can be justified in settings where a character needs to retain their Virgin Power but still wants some kind of sex life, but not really anywhere else, and people who claim to be technical virgins are often seen as ignorant and/or hypocrites, especially if they're prone to judging others.

  • Anime & Manga As a child, Guts from Berserk had the terrible experience of being anally raped by one of his adoptive father's mercenary soldiers and has never had a sex life because of the trauma. Then, he meets his future Love Interest, Casca and makes love to her when they finally admit their feelings to one another, the experience being Guts's first time having genital-genital sex (and it being Casca's first time as well).

  • Ghost Talker's Daydream: Despite Misaki's work as a dominatrix, the furthest she's ever gone with any of her clients was one who performed oral sex on her.note iIt was involuntary, since Misaki was protesting and trying to get Shimamura to stop. In a separate incident, she wakes up on a park bench and can't fully remember what she'd done, due to being hungover. But she assures Kadotake that no one took advantage of her, having already checked to make certain of it.

  • Koe de Oshigoto!: One of the eroge scenarios Nagatoshi wrote (shown in chapter 26) has this as a theme, due to an industry standard about miko generally being virgins, but Hadzuki shed a bit of light that makes the premise suspect... Anyway, this trope's the reason that new H-game is going to be all about anal sex.

  • The Miko game was also, scene-for-scene and word-for-word, based on a former Hentai manga by Konno Azure named Puberty Crazies, with the sole exeception being that in said work, the characters were normal high schoolers, not Mikos, thus making its characters Technical Virgins as well.

  • Pfil of the H-Manga Bondage Fairies. She retains her Virgin Power even though a male fairy is apparently the only thing she hasn't had sex with.

  • Xiaxi in Goddess Creation System is pointed out as an obvious virgin based on her nervousness at one point. It's technically true in that her current body probably hasn't had sex, but at the very start of the story, we see her waking up unclothed in a hotel room to see pictures of herself posted online. She just happens to have killed herself and reincarnated after that.

  • Booty Royale: Never Go Down Without a Fight!: Main character Misora is a gravure model and very intent on saving her first time for a committed relationship. By implication, given the amount of sexual situations she ends up in due to her agency's shenanigans to turn her into a porn actress, only penetrative sex with a male "counts". Later she strikes up a Friends with Benefits relationship with another female sex worker, and initially still insists that it doesn't count, but when it grows more serious she decides that the woman is her girlfriend and took her virginity.

  • Web Animation Brittnay from The Most Popular Girls in School Really Gets Around but is saving her vaginal virginity for someone special.

  • In the Collegehumor series, Dating: It's Complicated, one guy talks about how he was partying with his girlfriend, and they woke up in one of his friends' bedrooms. They started making out, and she said she wanted to have sex. He was excited because even though he'd done "other things" with her, he'd never actually had PIV intercourse. Great, except he didn't have any condoms with him. She said she had one in her purse, and the rest of the sketch consists of him attempting to retrieve said purse from a locked bedroom. When that proves to be a bust, they just go with the classic "Everything But," only to find a box of condoms right there on the bedside table. They don't get to use them because the owner of the bedroom walks in and tells them off, and then the girlfriend starts her period.

  • Web Original The Shortest Story: Discussed in "The Questions of Magic" in association to Virgin Sacrifice.Why is virgin blood so powerful? Can I use my own blood? Does butt stuff count?

  • The now-defunct website used to host a series of PSAs spoofing abstinence PSAs by endorsing anal sex and vibrator use to prevent pregnancy. The site was taken down after the woman who appeared in the PSAs, Melanie Martinez, lost her job as a host on PBS Kids Sprout over the videos.

  • Western Animation The Critic:Dressmaker: Here's the skinny. We dressmakers have a very strict code, so I need to know, do you deserve to wear virginal white? Because if you don't, you'll have to wear an off-white, what we call a hussy white. So which will it be, WHITE-white? Margo: Yes. Um... except for the gloves.

  • The Family Guy episode about religious abstinence makes it clear that sex is not okay. Which some of the more sexual but faithful population solves by sticking the stick into the ear. Yes, the ear.Tom Tucker: "Prompting the new slogan: 'Once you go black, you go deaf'"

  • The basic premise of "The Most Offensive Song Ever" from South Park. "You can suck all the dick you want / And still be a virgin, Mary."

  • When the creator of Gargoyles was asked if Brooklyn was a virgin by the third season, his reply was a cryptic "Yes. Technically." A possible explanation for that: as seen in the comic continuation, Brooklyn gets sent back in time, and already has a wife and children before arriving back in the present. So yes, Brooklyn is a virgin by season three but has also had sex before then.

  • The Simpsons: In "Lisa's Wedding," it's implied (though not confirmed) that Lisa had sex with Milhouse when they were in high school. This briefly makes her question if she should wear a white dress for her wedding before she and Marge decide that Milhouse doesn't count.



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