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Sniper Ghost Warrior: How to Access and Use the Debug Mode with a Simple Mod

Note: Alter game files at your own risk and always make backups!Create a file called debugconf.scr and then open the file with a text editor. Insert the following code:// ----- Start----------------------------------------// ChromeEngine config file!include("DebugConfig.def")!SaveGame(s) // SaveGame system logs method: "LogR", "CrashLog", "None"!Cheats() // enable cheat mode!MenuEditor(i) // 1 - enable menu editor!CurveEditor(i) // 1 - enable curve editor!NoMusic(i) // 1 - disable all sounds!UseDeveloperKeys() // enable developer keys!UseFKeysWithCtrl() // force using F keys only with ctrl!ShowPlayingSounds() // logs sound names!RenderComments() // enable rendering of comments!NoLogos() // disables logos at game start!DebugVisualisation() // enable debug visualisation (waypoints, fightpoints etc.)!SkipFadeOutIn() // enable fast fade in/out!SkipPressAnyKeyOnStart() // enable skipping "press any key..." on level start!SetLogLevel(i) // binary sum of flags _LOG_ERRORS = 0x01,_LOG_WARNINGS = 0x02,// _LOG_INFOS = 0x04, _LOG_TESTS = 0x08// (used in ShowInfo methods, debug console)!ConsoleCommand(s) // Defines console command that will be run at the begging of the game// or after pressing numpad subtract key. There can be more than one command// and the order of call is the same as they are defined in script.!EnableAudioLog() // Enables logging of audio errors/events to file!ChromeSpyHost(s) // ChromeSpy host machine name (default: localhost)!ChromeSpyPort(i) // ChromeSpy port (default: 8086)ConsoleCommand(s)NoLogos()Cheats()UseDeveloperKeys()//UseFKeysWithCtrl()//ChromeSpyHost("localhost")//ChromeSpyPort(8086)//!AutostartServer()//AutostartLevel("Woodyard_startprop.scr")// ----- EndCheatbook--------------------------Save the file and then put the debugconf.scr file into your game directory (It should be something like \Sniper Ghost Warrior\Game). Now, start the game and you can press Esc to Access KI Debug Menu and Here you can enable God Mode, Cheat Mode, Magic Ammo, Charge Full, Restore Health, Give Ammo, Give Rifle, Give Grenades, Kill Enemies and more.Sniper: Ghost Warrior Hint: Rock WarriorIf you approach certain rocks when in crouch mode you can actually enter them and not be seen -- here you can shoot enemies without being killed. So try certain rocks. (Not all of the rocks will work).

sniper ghost warrior debug cheat mod download

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