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Robocar Poli Malay Version Full Episode

EBS is firmly committed to delivering the best shows on demand in all markets. Robocar Poli is one of our most important shows for the region and also one of the key product launches in Malaysia since the launch of Astro in 2008.

robocar poli malay version full episode

With the expertise of global head, Sarel Oosterveer, Robocar Poli became the best-selling childrens series on Astro and the only childrens show to be nominated in the Best Kids & Family Awards (Click here to view the full list.) To date, Robocar Poli has been broadcast in over 100 countries and gained a rating of about 30% in all of these countries. Through Discoverys key strategic content division, EBS, we further hope to expand to form new channels in markets around the world in order to drive awareness for our TV shows on demand offerings as well as to strengthen the Astro brand.

Create with complete confidence and mitigate downside risks. Contact us now to leverage audience profiling to increase commercial efficiency and optimize returns on production investments, including Robocar Poli. Leverage audience insights to accelerate production cycles by changing the creative process and minimizing down-side risks.

In recent years, theme parks and resorts have been one of the fastest growing sectors in leisure & tourism, with Malaysia experiencing an increasing trend in visitor arrivals. In the same vein, the theme parks and resorts business has been growing at a rapidly increasing rate, which is evident by the rise in the number of theme parks and resorts business in Malaysia from 4 in 2008 to 53 in 2012 and further to 80 in 2016.


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