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Buy Sky Pencil Holly Online [TOP]

Plant Sky Pencil Japanese Holly in containers for a formal look, mass-plant for a privacy screen, or place randomly to showcase this simply beautiful garden specimen that will make your neighbors (ever)green with envy. These also make an elegant statement as a pair flanking a formal entryway. No worries about brushing up against this holly--there are no sharp points on its foliage, making it a safe contender for patios and other entertaining areas.

buy sky pencil holly online

Sky Pencil Holly is hardy in zones 5-9. Left unpruned, the plant reaches a height of 6-8 feet, and 2-3 feet wide. It may be pruned to 1 foot in width and whatever height you prefer. This holly prefers full sun and regular watering, more frequently in warm weather or when grown in containers.

People love this vertical blockade of a shrub for its defined structure and low maintenance upkeep. This evergreen holly gains its name from its thin pencil-like stature. Its slim build makes the Sky Pencil perfect for narrow and small-scale spaces. Popular uses of these slender shrubs includes use as privacy screens, entryway framing, and as vertical accents throughout a landscape.

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Buy Sky Pencil Holly online. Sky Pencil is a upright evergreen accent plant with dense branching. Its lustrous dark green leaves are beautiful throughout the seasons. Mature size is 6 to 10 feet high and 2 to 3 feet wide. Sky Pencil is excellent in a container or for vertical element in the garden. A US National Arboretum Introduction

Hollies tolerate full sun to part sun. They prefer a slightly acidic soil, but tend to adapt just about any well draining soil. After planting, adding a layer of 2 to 3 inches of mulch will help keep the soil moist. Mulching is highly recommended in cooler zones to protect the plant's roots in winter as well. Do not allow the mulch to touch the trunk as this increases the chances of pests and disease. Water your Holly deeply a couple times a week for the first few months. After Sky Pencils are established, they only need watered during hot, dry spells. Fertilize in spring with a slow release fertilizer for broadleaf evergreens. Sky Pencils don't require pruning, but they tolerate it well if you prefer to keep them a certain size. Heavy pruning is best reserved for late winter or early spring. In cooler zones, 5 and 6, protect your sky pencil holly from wind.

Looking to screen an area but don't have much space? Plant a sky pencil holly ever 2-3 feet for a nice privacy screen. They will stay narrow and grow together providing a cool looking hedge. Perfect for a tight screening around garbage containers or ac units.

Sky Pencil Holly (Ilex crenata 'Sky Pencil') is a really unusual holly that grows straight upwards, forming a pillar of foliage. It's a great way to create an accent in your garden without shading it out or crowding things together too much. As you'd expect from a holly plant, 'Sky Pencil' has the hard, super-glossy, dark green foliage that has made hollies gardening favorites around the world. A natural hybrid found growing on a mountainside in its native Japan, 'Sky Pencil' adapts well to American gardening conditions and helps to brighten up the winter with its showy foliage.

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To plant this sky pencil holly hedge, simply dig a hole as deep as the root ball and two to three times wider. Mix some compost with dirt if your soil is heavy clay or sand. Water deeply after planting and add more fill dirt if the soil settles. Apply 2 to 4 inches of organic mulch over the root zone to help keep the soil moist.

Sky Pencil Holly is a beautiful and tough accent plant that can grow up to 7-9 feet high, 2-3ft wide. ilex skypencil makes an excellent hedge or foundation plant. ilex skypencil grows in full sun/partial shade

In the rear of the slope or knoll, so often mentioned, was a deeptangled dell, or dingle, filled with a thickset growth of holly,birch, and alder, with here a feathery juniper, and there a gracefulfern bush; and behind this arose a higher ridge, clothed with tall,thrifty oaks and beeches, of the second growth, and cutting off inthat direction all view beyond its own near horizon.

Such, then, was in some considerable degree, the state of mind,arising from habit and acquaintance with the constitution of freedomand slavery, intermingled every where in the then world, any thing tothe contrary of which they had never seen nor even heard of, in whichthe two Norman lords took their way down the village street, if itcould be so called, being a mere sandy tract, passable only tohorsemen, or carts and vehicles of the very rudest construction,unarmed, except with their heavy swords, and wholly unattended, on anerrand, as they intended, of liberality and mercy.

It was a strange and moving scene on which they looked. The room,which was the ordinary dwelling-place of the family, was rather alarge, dark parallelogram, lighted only through the door and a coupleof narrow latticed windows, which, if closed, would have admitted fewhalf-intercepted rays, but which now stood wide open, to admit thefresh and balmy air, so that from one, at the western end of thecottage, a clear ruddy beam of the declining sun shot in a long pencilof light, bringing out certain objects in strong relief against thesurrounding gloom.

But, wholly unconscious of the ill-odored reek, though it streamed upclose under his very eyes, and seeing nothing of the chevaliers, whowere watching not six paces from him, Kenric lay helpless, straininghis nerveless eyes toward the spot where the ruddy western sunlightfell, like a glory, on the pale, quiet features of the dead child, andon the cold, gray, impassive head of the aged mourner, aged far beyondthe ordinary course of mortal life, who bent over the rude bier; and,strange contrast, on the sunny flaxen curls, and embrowned ruddyfeatures of two or three younger children, clustered around thegrandam's knee, silent through awe rather than sorrow, for they weretoo young as yet to know what death meant, or to comprehend what wasthat awful gloom which had fallen upon hearth and home.

Those forests of the olden day were rarely tangled or thicketlike,unless in marshy levels, where the alder, the willow, and otherwater-loving shrubs replaced the monarchs of the wild; or where, incraggy gullies, down which brawled impetuous the bright hill-streams,the yew, the holly, and the juniper, mixed with the silvery stems andquivering verdure of the birches, or the deeper hues of thebroad-leaved witch-elms and hazels, formed dingles fit for fairybowers.

The sun was setting far away, to the right hand, as they gazed downthe long dale to the southward, behind the mighty tops of Hawksheadand Blackcomb, which towered against the gorgeous golden-sky, fleckedwith a thousand glowing cloudlets, orange and rosy-red, and glaringcrimson, like a huge perpendicular wall of dusky purple; with the longbasin of Windermere, visible from that elevation over the lowerintervening ridges, lying along their bases as it seemed, though intruth many miles distant, a sheet of beaten-gold. The lower hills, tothe west of Kentmere, downward to Bowness, whose chapel-window gleamedlike fire in the distance, were shrouded in soft purple haze, andthrew long blue shadows across the rich vale, broken by the slantgolden beams which streamed through the gaps in their summits, infar-reaching pencils of misty light. At the same time, the little lakeof Kentmere lay at the feet of the spectators, still, clear, andtransparent as an artificial mirror, giving back a counterfeitpresentment of every thing around and above it, only less real thanthe actual reality; while toward the precipitous and craggy hills,behind them and on their left, the westering sun sent forth suchfloods of rosy and golden light as illuminated all their projectionsand cavities, bringing them, with all their accidents of crag orcoppice, ivy-bush or silvery birch-tree, close to the eye of thebeholder, blended with an intermixture of solemn shadows, seendistinctly through the clear atmosphere.

It must have been nearly ten o'clock, in those unsophisticated daysapproaching nearly to the dinner hour, when something caught her eyeat a distance, which instantly brought a bright light into it, and aclear, rich color to her cheek; and she clapped her hands joyously,crying, "I am so glad! so glad!" Then, hurrying into the house, shecalled to the boys, giving them quick, eager orders, and set herselfto work arranging the house, strewing the floor with fresh greenrushes, and decking the walls with holly branches, the bright-redberries of the mountain ash, wild asters, and such late wood-flowersas yet survived, with a spirit very different from the listless moodwhich had possessed her. 041b061a72


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