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Who Buys Antique Clocks Near Me

Delaney Antique Clocks is located forty-five miles northwest of Boston in West Townsend, Massachusetts. We are a family business that has been buying and selling antique clocks for FIFTY (50+) plus years. In that time, we have amassed the largest selection of Antique American Tall Case Clocks for sale in the USA. When you visit, you can expect to find over 180 tall case clocks on display at all times. Representative of which, are many of the most famous makers working in America. In addition, you will find a wide selection of American wall and shelf clocks as well as French and English mantle and carriage clocks. If you are interested in antique tall case clocks, shelf clocks, mantel clocks, wall clocks, banjo clocks, wooden geared clocks or barometers, our shop is well worth a visit. Drop in to discuss a Simon Willard tall clock or Edward Howard banjo clock with principals John Delaney, John A. Delaney or Sean Delaney.

who buys antique clocks near me

If you want to sell antique clocks we want to ensure the process is as painless as possible for you. This is why we offer so many ways you can get in touch with us. You can either easily fill out and submit a contact request form on the right side of this page, or feel free to call us today at 941-373-1234. Additionally, if your collection is too large, or the item is too unwieldy, we are more than happy to schedule an appointment where we can meet with you in your home.

Their resource teaches you how to identify and date your antique clock from a database of over 21,000 antique clock descriptions, photos and prices. You can also search through their database of over 10,000 clockmakers and watchmakers as well as learn tips on buying and selling antique clocks. Unfortunately, you do have to pay a subscription fee to utilize everything the site has to offer; however, there're many free resources on the site as well.

While there seems to be an endless list of antique clocks throughout history, there tend to be a few styles and brands that people come back to time and time again. These popular collectibles vary in size, age, and price, but there always seems to be someone on the other side of the auction willing to shell out wads of cash for them.

Another famous 19th century renowned clock maker was Seth Thomas, who created all sorts of beautiful streamline clocks. From mantle clocks to long clocks, he didn't limit his style to one single kind. However, this clean and precise design lends his clocks to being incredibly popular today, particularly thanks to their more modest prices. Generally, antique Seth Thomas clocks sell for about $50-$300 at auction, with some unique examples selling in the thousands.

Collecting, buying and selling antique clocks is a passion shared by many people all over the world. Whether it's because they're infatuated with the bing-bong-bing-bongs of the old grandfather and grandmother clocks or they're a clockmaker themselves, this community loves to share in the beauty and craftsmanship of historic timepieces. So, be sure to make space on your wall or mantle in case the perfect antique clock comes into your possession and you're just not ready to sell it yet.

There are many types of antique clocks: advertising, anniversary, atmos, bracket, carriage, cuckoo, deck kitchen, lantern, longcase, mantel, pendulum, skeleton, wall. Each type of antique clock is valued differently. For example, ornate German cuckoo clocks are more collectible than mass-produced kitchen clocks.

The more mechanically impressive the clock, the more valuable it is. For instance, an eight-day cuckoo clock is more desirable than one-day cuckoo clocks, which requires daily winding. A clock that gives the time and plays a melody is more impressive than a clock that simply tells you what time it is. A clock with moving figurines is also considered more valuable. If any of the mechanisms of the clock have been extensively repaired or if any of the movements are not original, most collectors will consider the antique worthless.

Chelsea Clock has been in the business of making beloved timepieces since 1897. Over the past century, our clocks have been incorporated into cars, ships and airplanes. Chelsea clocks have even been given as gifts by business leaders and politicians, including past presidents of the United States. Due to their prestige and popularity, many clocks made by our company have become valued vintage and antique clocks over time.

Are you hoping to add an authentic vintage or antique Chelsea clock to your home or office? Buy them straight from the source when you shop our Vintage Chelsea Clock Collection. This collection features some of the rarest and oldest clocks we've ever made, restored to their original glory through the expert work of our master clockmakers.

Here at Chelsea Clock, we take restoration work very seriously. We perform full-service repairs, including cleaning, oiling and refinishing to restore antique clocks while preserving as much of the original clock as possible. Here you'll find everything from antique ship clocks like our signature Ship's Bell clock to World War II-era Marine Mechanical clocks and more. Our selection of vintage Chelsea clocks is always changing, so check back often.

Chelsea Clock has remained a premier clock manufacturer for over 100 years for many good reasons. Find out for yourself why our clocks are so cherished by adding a vintage or antique clock to your collection from Chelsea Clock.

What type of clock is it? When talking about antique clocks, you will find that there is more than one type available. The type of clock that you have will heavily impact how the item is valued. Over several centuries, the manufacture of antique clocks happened at a steady pace resulting in a variety of styles and types. To determine the value of your clock, you must begin by understanding the different types of antique clock:

The working condition of an antique clock is first thing that potential buyers see. Hence, you will be able to get a higher appraisal on clocks that are in good condition. However, antique clocks that are unaltered or all-original bring higher value. It is therefore ideal to keep the genuine case, finish, and decorative elements of an antique clock.

Graduating at the top of his class, he earned his West Dean College, British Antiques Dealers Association diploma in July of 1981. Six years later, the British Horological Institute awarded Dean a Craft Member status in recognition of his years at the bench. Now over 30 years later, he continues to restore, buy, and sell fine antique clocks from all over the world from his business in Laguna Beach, CA.

Grandfather clocks are usually bought by individuals for their homes, as a decorative piece or a functional timekeeping device and by anyone who has the space and resources to purchase one. This can include homeowners, business owners, antique collectors, clock enthusiasts, and anyone who appreciates the timeless beauty and functionality of these clocks.

The intricate details, craftsmanship, elegant and sophisticated design of these clocks add a touch of luxury to any room and can serve as a focal point for the decor. They go well both with the modern fine furniture as well as with the antique pieces.

It becomes more and more popular to see antique clocks commercial spaces. Many business owners purchase grandfather clocks for an office, hotel, lobby, and etc. Business owners may choose an original timepiece for its decorative value or its functional timekeeping capabilities. Some may prefer a more traditional style to match their establishment's aesthetic, while others may opt for a more contemporary design to reflect a modern image.

Hotels are another type of commercial space that commonly purchase grandfather clocks. These clocks can serve as a practical timekeeping device for guests and staff as well as a luxury addition to the decor. Seeing an antique clock in a hotel is rather common nowadays to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere for hotel guests and enhance the overall aesthetic of the hotel.

Collectors, including antique clock collectors and clock enthusiasts, are also among those who often searching for a grandfather clock. For these individuals, grandfather clocks are a work of art and a valuable collectible. Antique clocks, in particular, can be sought after for their historical significance, intricate design, and rarity. Clock enthusiasts may also collect clocks of different styles, brands, and time periods. Some collectors purchase a grandfather clock for personal enjoyment while others for investment purposes.

Clock enthusiasts are individuals who have a passion for timekeeping devices and may collect clocks of different styles, brands, and time periods. They are knowledgeable about the history and evolution timepieces. Some clock enthusiasts are interested in the inner workings and mechanics of the clocks while others often appreciate the craftsmanship and design and seek out unique or unusual pieces. Many clock enthusiasts are into restoring or repairing different antique clocks.

We have been valuing, buying, selling and researching antique clocks for over 50 years, specialising in British lantern clocks, longcase clocks and bracket clocks. Brian Loomes is known worldwide for his vast experience and expertise in antique clocks and is the longest-established clock dealer in Britain.

Clocks in the Spotlight: the fascinating stories we uncover as we identify antique clocks for our clients. Discover the 'London Mahogany' style of John Waldron, and a very interesting 17th-century maker, Thomas Bagley.

We offer an exclusive selection of exquisite, rare, and finely executed antique mantel clocks, antique cartels clocks, and antique precision regulators clocks, rigorously chosen for their beauty and authenticity, as well as for their original design and the complexity of their mechanisms.

La Pendulerie had gained renown, not only among lovers of fine horology who appreciated its technical mastery and expertise in the decorative arts, but also among a wider audience. Soon, thanks to its technical mastery and expertise in the field of the decorative arts, it came to be one of the most famous galleries of antique clocks, both in France and abroad. 041b061a72


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