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[S10E10] You Better Watch Out

Tony gets irritated with his father trying to force things by making up for so many missed Christmases in one go, but eventually kicks him out after catching him in bed with a neighbor. Tony and his dad eventually reunite for NCIS' annual tradition of watching It's a Wonderful Life.

[S10E10] You Better Watch Out

The Dateable podcast is an insider's look into modern dating that the Huffington post calls one of the top ten podcast about love and sex. On each episode, we'll talk to real daters about. From sex parties to sex droughts, date fails a diaper fetishes and first moves to first loves. I'm your host Yue Xu, former dating coach turned dating sociologists. You also hear from my co host and producer Julie Krafchick as we explored this crazy dateable world. Hey everyone welcome to another episode of dateable. Show all about modern dating. And now it's all about modern dating in this time of social distancing. Hi Julie Hi where Social Distance Right now? We are such good kids aren't we? We have not seen each other. We have seen a lot of each other over video chat. Yep I feel like that's life now I feel like I'm just you know what somehow I feel like. My days are actually pretty packed. I'm like why do I not have more time to be doing stuff and I'm like to some constantly on video chats. Our phone calls is it is so exhausting. It's really wonderful because I feel like a lot of people have wanted to like reconnect. Yeah like some of my friends from college. I've put together like kind of like a weekly Zoom happy hour which is nice but it's I find it a little hard when there's like eight plus people on there. I don't know if you've experienced that. No I think that's the most annoying thing. I won't join a zoom thing for any anything over four people 'cause yes becomes this like Ping Ping Pong back and forth of this person saying something and someone has a child in the background running around and unlike I have no idea what's going on it gets really like talking over each other. You're like wait what did you say? Oh my connections out. Yeah but the sentiment is there which I appreciate and that's why I am like I want to go because of that but I think that the I agree. The best ones are like four to five people. Yeah it has to be some sort of structure. I hate to say that for a friends gathering but I feel like there needs to be like a focal topic or something like this week. We're going to talk about what we may for dinner or something because otherwise it's just all over the board you know what the one that you and I did with two of our friends. That was really fun. Yeah because I think you actually had to leave a little early on that one. But we felt really structured even when you were there. It wasn't like structured like let's organize but it was like more topical. We were just like in a discussion more than after you laugh. We played this Super Fun game because we didn't know each other As much in our like twenties in early thirties so it was like. Let's throw out a random age and tell us about like who is kind of like a prominent person of your love life in then like where were you at that stage of life? Let's game because it helps you get to know each other. But also it's a great bonding experience to. That's a great prompt. I think zoo. He's come out with some prompts video chats otherwise it's just a lot of Hay bumble they need like the pickup tumbles. Proms and news. That did you see hinge introduced. A video thing now did notice that they have something that you can like. Basically say when you're ready to date from home yes. It's like a prompt in okay. So maybe prompt video. I haven't tried it myself but I've I've seen the prompt and if you say yes then you're able to connect but if one person says yes me other ones know that you don't you don't that's amazing and I love that too great. I mean they really moved fast on that yeah awfully just a shutout to their. This is my like inner design Geek coming out but I just love their logo. They made of like the H. And the I separated from far that's Great Rally. Classic hinges on it not sponsored be clear but we sponsored. We are sponsor this episode is absolutely sponsored. And I think we should talk about them now. Yeah let's do it and then we can move on with the episode cool so you guys have probably heard us talk about empower for the last couple of weeks and we're super excited. They're a sponsor right now because what better time is there to have like an awesome mobile banking. App that helps you do auto save. Basically you just tell the apter weekly savings target in everyday empower studies your income in spending in. They know the right time to move that money. I think especially right now to a lot of us are saving money in the sense that we're not going out as much or using. Lifton UBER TO GET AROUND. So it almost feel like nothing's actually being taken from you and you'll be able to do this and by the end of this hopefully have a little more saved up because the reality is once we come back from this.

We didn't have enough time to like find that one thing that was. Kinda like the soul connection or something like that we after ninety minutes I guess probably maybe one hundred fifteen minutes talked a little bit later. Let's just wasn't enough to Differentiate Oh yeah. Here's my heart is you know. I think if one of them were jerk or we had had a bad interaction or something. I think that would have totally changed things right. I feel like we both had our money on Taylor. I figured that I figured that you know when I thought about Lacey. The one where some are just fine right and I think that it will be a really easy going like we'll go out. Why would drink while some laughs? You know and it'll be really pleasant experience and that's great for first interaction so that's very low risk like we a high return. They're just thinking about it lately. I think the interactions with neither would be positive. You know I think for Taylor. Her time is something that is also part of my calculation. You know I think he's a different place. I think. That's you know I should be very thoughtful about that. A different place. How I think that for me. This interaction can be anything more on that level as I interaction coming off of. What the the amount of interaction. I've had with them right. I'm looking for something very low risk right and I think for Taylor her time. It's probably a little bit more valuable right Given what I think. She's at the dating game and I think that she might be less interested in having sort of less engage interaction and for me like I. I'm near the game and so like I am still. I'm really focused. And you know I don't want to waste anyone's time since again like these are three. Really Great Women Great Times talking to but I'm not you know heart struck over any of them yet. You mentioned that you thought lacy was at a different stage of life than you a little in that you know in Taylor were maybe more compatible. Just curious why you're going that direction over the person that you thought you might have had that more compatible lifestyle well you. I think that's important. Life stage is you guys have to want the same things right but at the same time. I think wanting the same things and fit are very different teams. There are a lot of people you know in my life stager who want to sing things as me. The toll even be a fit for a number of reasons. Right solidified different things. Let's not confuse them and Someone could be in a totally different life stage. But if it's the right fit you guys will align so. I don't know I don't like to over overly wait that so I look at that more so than I look at whether you know whatever stage persons in I'm more like do I say it with them and like I said I fit between Lacey and in Taylor I think both a great fit so becomes other factors right now. Probably think of. It's a really weird way so very interesting thought. Yeah Yeah. I know I'm a Weirdo. So it's still very vulnerable sharing this internal talk. Hey your truth is our non judging. We just want to know you better get to know your phone process. Well would you like to call Lacey herself? Put Her on speakerphone and ask her out. Hey Lacey how you live is Ryan. How's that how is the scheme? Yeah Yeah are you back. You still out there. I got back yesterday coming in back. Okay that sucks. Well that sucks but hopefully I have some good news. I'd really like to take you on a day. Get to know you better. Yeah Yeah you WanNa do it cool? Coca-cola by the way we have you here on dateable ask you out so this is hopefully. This isn't too much surprise. I hope they like prepped. You for that. We're GONNA be like all over the airwaves. Yeah things have famous beginnings so here we go tight tight tight so we go on with our conversation here or should we do that. Someone else take over here. Okay Awesome Lacey. I will call you back some more later and we'll figure it out from there later. We got very exciting. I cannot wait to hear about your date. I'm excited okay. Go make some plans okay. Cool beans Gary can't wait by by okay. You were right Julie. He picked Lacy Nice job. I was really rooting for fewer.

Give us the play by play. What did I say I said? I thought he was like really tall. And like white or half Asian for whatever reason to not trust my gut be some people's way says really learning also you said he didn't seem like you'd be like that sporty athletic type either. Yeah and African American type. S that to me is basically right. I was like yeah like like black. Athletes essentially is what I said. And then what is he shows up at your first impressions so I mean. I was pleasantly surprised by that and he. He was very understanding kind about the dog situation. Though you never know how someone would react to that never situation that you would expect going on a blind date in your puppy trying to run away run but yeah he was very cool about it and then we got to the park and it was this conversation. It's always been easy to talk to him. There isn't Offered Bowman's or like what am I going to say next flows? Did you feel like it? Followed kind of the same cantor that you had on the phone or was it different in real life. I felt like it was pretty similar because we got to a point where it's very easy uncomfortable. Talk on the phone so I think it took a little bit to get back to that level of comfort rake usually reintroducing a new part of the person by and realize and. I think I was a little stressed out. From chasing way dog once the adrenaline subsided from that. And maybe the wine kitchen a little bit just like it was way win win. The wine come into play chugging it before the date no kidding popping running back over outlined pretty quickly So we were out to the park which took a break out and laid out the blanket and cracked open the Lions Talking Solutions Guys. Six feet apart definitely. I'm GONNA say yes sir. Not she's like yes mom. We were Isis. Wear a what did you physically. What were some of your first impressions of him. I mean I it was just like surprise Different expected Yeah I mean I thought he was good looking like there was like a level of attraction waivers and did you to communicate this to each other. What you thought you'd look like versus what you look like. You're in reality Yeah I actually brought it up in that like you look totally different than I expected. So then we got that conversation which was pretty funny. I think it's interesting too because you guys said like three calls like you said that you had fun on those calls but you were kind of like if it goes somewhere. Go somewhere doesn't doesn't I can take it or leave it. How did you feel after this date like? Did you guys have deeper conversations? What did you talk about? Yeah we definitely got to know each other a little better It was just kind of casual. Conversations can talking about like what we expected from experienced rate and just kind of like crazy was volleyball than we ever get how I came up but we surging competition of like telling two stories in like the most ridiculous story. Somehow one something but I forget what the prize was. Could we never really finished? We just kind of got into this whole like saga of telling you. It's ridiculous travel stories which is interesting because you learn a lot about a person their experiences where they've been just how they react to different situations and yeah it was just pretty much storytelling and just getting to know each other on a deeper level against that sounds fun. Who brought the wine? Heated ran the blanket to yes. Oh Okay so. He had this preplanned so throughout. How long did this date last for He came over. I guess at six or six thirty I think left it like nine or ten okay so good mount of time and did any feelings progress throughout the three or four hours. You're together if you need like feelings. Progress by Lake. Did I like fall for him more? I think it's more so it progressed. In the sense that we got to know each other more In Lake started to connect on a different level. Tang what is that different level Do you just get to know somebody at a less superficial level rate than just like what do you like to do on the weekends and that kind of stuff is kinda learn more about the person and then also when you see them talking percent their mannerisms and like what they get happy? React to things and it's different in person than than on so I feel like this date was like right on the cost of Shit really hitting the fan with garbage yet. 041b061a72


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