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FiCOM - Fiat/Alfa/Lancia diagnostics - OBDTester

2022-12-13 0.2.14990Added parkbrake codings for ABS UDS ECU. (Fiat 500X, Alfa Romeo Stelvio 2016- ...)2022-12-08 0.2.14961Improved Fiat Ducato 2022 support (CAN-BUS changes in vehicle)2022-11-28 0.2.14943Improved live data functionality: last choice is remembered between reconnections2022-10-10 0.2.14921Improved application stability during communication interruptions with the control unit.2022-08-04 0.2.14919Fixed application bug: incorrect decoding of some configuration values2022-06-22 0.2.14918Application crash fixed: Disconnecting interface in the measured values dialog2022-05-25 0.2.14870Initial support for Vespa Euro5 models (CAN-BUS, UDS)2022-04-14 0.2.14767Added initial support for some new Ferrari models2022-03-22 0.2.14759Fixed issue in injector coding on Magneti-Marelli MJD 8F3 CF5+FiCOMFiCOM is diagnostic software for Fiat, Alfa, Lancia and light Iveco vehicles. It coversalso other vehicles made in cooperation with Fiat such as Maserati, Ferrari, or Ford Ka II (for full FiCOM coverage please visit this page).

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